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1 DAYS 55$US

Hold your breath under water and dive more than 5 meters it’s really easy thing to do !
Come and try it because you are definitely able to make it during the Ocean Bluex Discovery !

Holding your breath is natural, contrary to popular belief. In freediving, you will merge and become one with the aquatic environment. we will activate our ancestral gene the mammalian dive reflex, literally we will become a dolphin.

Discover how to kick your diving reflex, hold your breath, control your mind avoid your fear to enjoy freediving. This approach will help you everyday to manage different situations with a new mind.

The proposed activity is to discover the fundamentals of breath hold.

After this course, you will be able to hold your breath more than 1'30, freedive 20m under water in a pool on a single breath and if you understand the equalization you will dive to 5 meters

Program and duration of your discovery experience:
- Theory: 1.5 hour.
We will talk about: equipment, physics, physiology, breathing technique and relaxation, Frenzel equalization, safety aspects and rescue. 

- Shallow water session or pool water session: 1.5 hour.
Static and dynamic apnea practice, duck dive, flutter kick, equalization, safety and rescue procedures.

- Line training Open water: 1.5 hour 



  • 6:45am. Greet & Meet

  • 7am. Theory: Physics / Physiology / Breathing class / Relaxation / Intro Equalization

  • 9am. Pool session: Finning technique & use mask and snorkel / Discovering how to hold your breath / Equalization / Safety

  • 11am. Open water: Line training.

  • 1pm. Back to Hijo resort


  • Gear free

  • Pictures


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent)

discovery+, oceanbx, freediving,molchanovs
discovery+, oceanbx, freediving,molchanovs
discovery+, oceanbx, freediving,molchanovs
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