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Junior Wave1 or Wave 2 or Wave 3
4 to 6 Days 12,000ph


Junior Freediving is designed for kids aged 12  - 15 y/o. It is a fun and safe way to introduce young people to the world of freediving. Through the process of learning to dive, kids will gain practical skills in the technical aspects of diving, while also developing their confidence in the water. The physical and mental benefits of freediving are also great for kids; they can increase their ability to concentrate, interest in healthy lifestyles, and creativity.


Children begin by learning freediving physics, surface swimming techniques, and FIM/CWT/CWTB techniques. Later, they learn about equalization techniques and human anatomy underwater, blackout rescue, experience CNF technique, and improve their FIM/CWT/CWTB performances. Advanced students will learn how to train in open water, understand equalization methods, and improve their FIM/CWT/CWTB/CNF techniques.​

  • Wave 1

  • Wave 2

  • Wave 3

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