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Marie Vinyasa Teacher

I started practicing yoga in 2019, My practice was not consistent then, it was on and off due to my work schedule. In 2019, a group of yogis came to our freediving resort in Mactan and did their yoga retreat. I witnessed how open the bond they've had as if they've known each other for a long time. That moment spark my interest to join their community and perhaps share the same bond. Maybe it would give me a new outlook in life since I needed to become more extrovert. That experience lead me to seek a deeper understanding of Yoga and its practice. I enrolled myself in a Yoga Alliance Teachers Training to help me deepened my practice. I am now a certified 200hrs Yoga Alliance Teacher, I took this certification under Mindful Yoga Cebu School-CYC Mactan Studio a RYS200 Yoga Alliance School. In addition I also took a 50hrs YACEP Yoga Alliance registered Aerial Yoga Teachers Training under the same school. I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga, from beginner to advance. I also Teach Aerial Yoga using Iyengar Based Yoga Belt. This is open to both beginners and experience students who wants to experience a deeper stretch by the use of the Yoga belt. Most importantly my classes are not just alignment base they are fun and holistic.


​I'm Molchanovs Master Freediver (Wave 3). It will help you to be more flexible and increase your lungs capacity as well, to dive deeper and longer. 

Our yoga sessions are all about learning how to bring balance in body and mind. By improving your coordination, strength, and flexibility, you will be able to make the most of your freediving experience.

It is also the best way for the "relaxation part in freediving Self-acceptance, learning detachment and expanding your consciousness this is the way you need to use. Yoga will help you to stay relaxed and focused while diving and will make your dives more enjoyable.

It will help you to improve your breathing technique and breath control.

Join us now and learn how to maximize your freediving experience and get the most out of your yoga sessions.


Vinyasa yoga is the most popular form of yoga today, it is designed for everyone, there is no age to start. Postures (asanas) and transitions are related to breathing. Practicing asanas builds strength and stimulates your cardiovascular system. Moving through a sequence of poses requires concentration. Yoga is a great way to focus on the present and gain clarity. It also teaches you to focus on the positive and see the world in a more positive way. This is the best way to develop your flexibility and relieve stiffness in your joints. Self-acceptance, learning detachment and expanding your consciousness is the way you need to use for the freediving as well.

OCEAN BX, freediving, freedive, Marie Baguio, molchanovs
yoga, ocean bx, freediving center, yoga center, tagum, banana beach resort, hijo resort
mermaidingyogini, ocean bx, yoga teacher
yoga, ocean bx, freediving center, yoga center, tagum


  • 300PH/Session

  • 1,500ph/ 5 sessions + 1 offer

Private session​

  • 1,500ph (2 pax)


  • Yoga Mat

  • Tea (for the session in Banana Beach)

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