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Molchanovs Freediving Code of Conduct

At Molchanovs, our commitment is not only to provide the highest quality freediving education but also to foster an environment of safety, respect, and inclusivity. Our Code of Conduct outlines the principles and values that guide our community. By enrolling in our programs, you agree to abide by these standards to ensure a positive and enriching learning process.

1. Safety Responsibility:
a. Prioritize safety: Your safety and the safety of others are paramount. Always adhere to the safety guidelines provided by our instructors and educational materials. Avoid any unsafe behavior, you are always the only responsible for your own safety.
b. Continuous learning: Stay informed about the latest safety protocols and techniques. As Freediving is in permanent evolution, regularly participate in safety briefings and refresher courses.
c. Report concerns: If you observe any unsafe behavior or conditions, report them promptly to the instructors, to their supervisors, or to the dive center owner if needed.

2. Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination:
a. Inclusive environment: We treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. Our courses are developed for freediving education and related topics, and no other activity or purpose are allowed.
b. Equal opportunities: Provide and support equal opportunities for all participants, ensuring an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere within the freediving community.
c. Report discrimination: Report any incidents of discrimination, harassment or abuse so appropriate action can be taken. Consult local legislation if criminal conduct exists or could exist, and use all legal avenues to make the corresponding report.
d. It is strictly prohibited for instructors, students and any other member of the staff to make sexual comments, suggestions, propositions and advances to students as courses remain open, during trainings or any other related freediving activity.

3. Environmental Commitment:
a. Preserve marine life: Respect and protect the marine environment. Avoid any actions that may harm or disturb marine life during freediving activities. Check and support local marine conservation initiatives.
b. Reduce waste: Minimize waste by adopting environmentally friendly practices. Dispose of trash responsibly and participate in any cleanup initiatives.
c. Sustainable choices: Encourage and support environmentally conscious practices within the freediving community.

4. Anti-Doping Sport Declaration:
a. Drug-free commitment: We comply with WADA regulations in this matters.
Unless regulated by a medical professional all performance enhancing drugs are prohibited in any recreational, competitive, training or educational activities.
b. Maintain sobriety whilst conducting Molchanovs courses and training. Intoxicating substances like alcohol or drugs compromise the safety of underwater activities and are prohibited for instructors and students during educational activities.
c. Educate and inform: Stay informed about anti-doping policies and actively contribute to the prevention of doping within the freediving community.

5. Fair Economic and Marketing Practices:
a. Transparent communication: Engage in fair and transparent communication regarding prices, fees, cancellation policies, and services provided.
b. Respectful marketing: Avoid false or misleading marketing practices. Represent the sport of freediving accurately and responsibly.
c. Fair competition: Encourage fair competition and cooperation within the freediving industry. Avoid engaging in practices that may harm the reputation of other schools or professionals.
d. Our instructors must share with their clients and students economic terms and conditions, including reimbursement policies. Every educational activity should be protected and guided by this agreements.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to warnings, suspension, or expulsion from Molchanovs community, by losing your certifications. Use Dashboard report channel to inform Molchanovs about incidents that could involve violations of this code.

By adhering to these principles, we collectively contribute to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment.

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