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Ocean BX is your hub in the Philippines and Asia for all things freediving, our strengths safety and immediate access to depth with our experienced instructor for a quality experience.

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Benefit from OCEAN BX team’s experience and enjoy learning in one of the best facilities. Freediving is the best way to reconnect with nature and relive the joy of weightlessness. The discovery of the "Art of not breathing" based on a coherent set of theoretical learning, dry practices and immersion.

Freediving is a great school of letting go, because the performance, however modest it may be, is achieved in the simultaneous relaxation of body and mind.

OCEAN BX is located inside Hijo Resort in Tagum. We are equipped with boat, a beautiful stretching area on the pool, a full service cafe, bungalows, terrace over the ocean, private beach, all of this conveniently located 45 min from Davao international airport, we will make your experience here a truly unforgettable moment of freediving and chilling. Whether you are new to freediving or an experienced freediver, our set up with access to depth right in front of the shop, perfect conditions all year-round, with your positive and inspirational instructor will help you open up to new feelings and achieve your objectives, while enjoying Philippines.

Finally, we participate in the preservation of the oceans and the environment by supporting the organization The Trinity Project.

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Freediving Training

Whether you’re new to freediving or have been living the freedive lifestyle for years, our courses and training will take your skills and experiences to heights and depths you never thought possible. We offere all programs from Junior to Wave 3 level programs but we are not just a school: we are an adventure destination center.

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Freediving in the Philippines 

We are based at Tagum, just 45' from Davao International Airport. The climate is tropical. Mindanao is one of the most developed provinces in the country offering you many activities and a central and well-served position to shine on the Philippines. Mindanao one of the best spots for snorkeling or training.


Freediving Equipment 

We have a huge selection of the freediving technology and quality equipment from the leading brands for retail sale or rental use. We can offer helpful professional advice on which gear is right for you. The equipment you need for your courses or coaching is included with no additional costs, except if you are in autonomous.

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Freediving Facility

The perfect place to chill as you will enjoy our swimming pool and terrace over the ocean, our stretching deck and the Ocean BlueX healthy restaurant.
You will also have enjoy our private beach in front of the drop off. Mindanao is beautiful island (no reason not to go green!). 

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Sardines run, Tropical Waterfalls, Night Dives, fun dives on Marine Sanctuaries along great coral reefs on demand … all of this is available in Ocean BX on demand. You will also be able to enjoy to visit Mati and the Cape during your stay here or why not to climb the Apo mountain 2 954 m. 

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Come and enjoy your time with us. We offer you multiple options like individual bungalow; Classic or Premium casitas  directly on the beach with Hijo Resort. 

We also have a dormitory in Plantation Villa.

We provide a bicycle from the Plantation Villa to the shop.







In Ocean BX Adventurers and Hosts are here to make your freediving adventure in The Philippines an experience to remember. They will gladly share their knowledge and passion of freediving with you.

Jean Luc tulliez, molchanovs instructor.

Jean Luc Tulliez

Founder & Owner of Ocean Bluex.

Freediving Instructor :

  • Molchanovs Instructor Wave 3

  • Molchanovs Junior Freediving Instructor J3I

  • RAID WSF : Freediving Instructor

  • SSI : Freediving Instructor

  • CMAS : Moniteur Entraineur Fédéral

  • Hatha yoga teacher 

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Marie Baguio

Partner Associate Ocean BX 

  • Ocean BX Manager​ 

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher RYT 200

  • Molchanovs Wave 1

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Heng Zhou


OCEAN BX is a MOLCHANOVS of High Performance Center offering Molchanovs certifications courses from Junior to Wave 3 level. We also offer VIP courses for one-on-one private tuition.

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OCEAN BX Courses

Whether you’re new to freediving or have been living the freedive lifestyle for years, our wide range of courses and training will take your skills and experiences to heights (and depths) you never thought possible. All of it in Philippines, the freediver's Nirvana

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OCEAN BX Training & Combo

Want to really take the time to discover freediving or to work on your skills ? Check out our packages. Whether you want to dedicate a week, a month or become a professional, we have the right package for you. We can also tailor make programs specially for you. Just let us know what are your objectives, we will help you achieve them !


OCEAN BX is based in HIJO RESORT at Tagum located seaside at 45' from the international Airport of Davao in Philippines. We offer freedivers depths from 10 metres to over 100 metres in the warm, clear tropical waters full of corals and sea life. Philippines is the freediver's Niravana

Ocean BX is located at Hijo Resort in Tagum on the bustling seaside paradise in Mindanao Island - with access to nightlife, shopping and dining, located among 5 star hotels and eco-friendly accommodation complexes.

Ocean BX is right by the sea with direct access to the depth. You can arrive directly at Davao Airport by international flights and be in the water within 45 minutes of your arrival!

We are a state of the art Freediving center with a cafe restaurant and all modern comforts, we offer accommodation next to the pool.

To reach us you can use google map from Davao - international airport.

If you wish, we can organize your transfer from the airport to Hijo Resort or to the accommodation of your choice


+63 906 0498 499