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Welcome to, your reliable freediving center and online marketplace.

Please review the following basic rules that govern the use of the site. (the "Agreement"). Please note that your use of the site constitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these Terms of Use.

Please read through them carefully before placing your order. By using this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. Please also read our Privacy Policy regarding personal information provided by you.

There will be no prior notice for any amendments to these terms, the amendments will be automatically applied to orders thereafter. Upon confirmation of your orders, we will not be able to make any changes.


The internet website is accessible at the following URL address: “" and mentioned below as “the website”

The present terms and conditions regarding the use of the website (see “Terms of use” described below) aim to inform the user (see “User” described below) of the conditions under which the latter can access the website, and where applicable, of the conditions regulating the usage of any content (informations, newsletters, databases, facts, files, texts, images, photos, audio and video animations, user interfaces) see below “Data”

Company undertaking editing of the website:  :

Ocean BX Incorporation, liability company under Philippines law, registered and licensed at Tagum commerce 2022040049582-05 number VAT 612-300-257-000

Head Office :

Plantation Villa, Hijo Resort, Madaum Tagum , Davao De Norte

Conatct email :

Publication Director: Mr Jean-Luc TULLIEZ, Director


Photographic credits :

The photographs belong to Ocean Bx Inc.

Photographic credits appear next to the website’s.


Use or viewing of the website by whichever means implies the user’s commitment to respect the terms of use. The user must carefully read the “Terms of use”, print and retain a copy.



The website is alterable. Ocean Bluex Inc.  may bring partial or entire modifications to the website and/ or to the terms of use without notice.

These modification will be implemented without notice. Users are invited to check the updated version of the terms of use at the start of each login.

Users who disagree with the changes brought to the terms of use by Ocean Bluex Inc.  are asked to no longer use the website.



The user can visit the website and freely consult the data available on the website, subject to respecting the terms of use, namely the rights as defined in article 5 below:

The data is regularly updated by Ocean Bx Inc.  as appropriate..

Despite all the attention put into the running and the upgrading of the website, some errors, inexactitudes or omissions may remain. Ocean Bluex Inc.  declines any responsibility regarding loss or interruption of connexion during use of the website. 



5.1 Data

All the pages of the website containing data are protected by applicable copyright laws, and are the property of Ocean Bx Inc.  and/or of its partners and suppliers.

Any reproduction and/or representation and/or diffusion in part or in full is forbidden unless previously authorised by written consent by Ocean Bx Inc. .

However Ocean Bx Inc.  concedes permission for the user to visualise, memorise and reproduce copies of pages or excerpt of pages of the website for personal use only, on a non transferable non transmissible to a third party basis.

The user agrees to comply with all enforceable laws, national, international or common regulations, namely those relative to copyright protection, intellectual property, trademark protection, freedom of press and communication law.

Consequently, the user will not:

  • reproduce or transfer part or entire sections of data, with the intention of selling, distributing, emitting, publishing or communicating them, in any form.

  • use any data for any commercial or promotional purposes.

  • add any data to the website modifying or likely to modify in any fashion, the content or the appearance of the data, or more generally, likely to jeopardise the integrity of the data.

  • For authorised copies, strictly for the user’s needs (see above), the following annotation must be clearly visible on each copy: @ Copyright Ocean Bx Inc.  »


5.2 Brands

Brand marks visible or not on the website are brands which may or may not be registered under Ocean Bx Inc.  (or for which Ocean Bx Inc.  may hold licensing rights or copyrights). Ocean Bluex  is registered with the IPOPHL under the Philippines registration number 2022040049582-05,

The reference to these brands on the website does not constitute in any way, implicit or explicit, a concession to the terms of use, a licence ,or any type of authorisation relative to the mentioned brands, except in case of previous formal and written authorisation granted by Ocean Bx Inc.  and/or the parties concerned.

Any unauthorised use of the brands mentioned on the website, without previous formal and written authorisation granted by Ocean Bx Inc and/or the parties concerned will result in legal action, including criminal prosecution in order to protect the rights on the trademark.



6.1 Transmission and registering user related information.

Ocean Bx Inc.  informs the user that website visits are counted and registered. Ocean Bx Inc.  may use this information for statistical purposes. 

Personal data

While using the website, you may be asked to disclose data such as surname, name, phone number, email address etc…(see below “Personal data). You have the right to modify or withdraw your personal data. You have the right to deny, for legitimate motives, the use of this data. You have the right to deny the use of this data for commercial and prospective purposes.To exercise this right, the user can contact Ocean BX Inc.  by post at:

Ocean Bx Inc Plantation Villa, Hijo Resort, Madaum Tagum , Davao De Norte

 Your data will not be visible to other users of the website. 



7.1 Liability release

Ocean BX Inc.  accepts no responsibility in case of abusive or unlawful use of part or of the entire website.

Ocean BX Inc.  rejects all type of guarantee regarding the website, and more generally the website’s database. By no means will Ocean BX (or any other third party involved in the creation and running of the website) be held responsible or liable towards the user or any other third party, for damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of the website, or any website accessed via hyperlink, in particular as regards loss of profit, business disruption, loss of programs or other information systems of the website’s user or any other third party. This applies even if Ocean Bx Inc.  is explicitly informed that such damages are possible.  Connection to all other website is at the user’s own risk.

Furthermore, the user guarantees that the website is used within the terms of use and/or of the laws and regulations in effect. On this basis, the user shall guarantee against any recourse, including lawyer fees, procedure and sentencing fees, losses and damages and other various outlays suffered by Ocean Bluex Inc.  and resulting  of any request, demand, claim, action or sentencing  once those who have cause or justification, to directly or indirectly cause a violation of the terms of use and/or of the laws and regulations in effect. 

The website may contain inexactitudes and/or typography errors and/or omissions in the data Ocean Bx Inc.  will not be held responsible for the quality, the exactitude, the relevance, the order and the thoroughness of the data available on the website. Ocean BX Inc.   is not obligated to update this data. No kind authority has declared the data on the website as being fully accurate or satisfactory.

To improve the website, or in the case of maintenance operations (planned or unexpected),  Ocean Bx Inc.  may occasionally interrupt, for an indefinite amount of time, the running of the website without.notice to the user. Ocean Bx Inc.  will not be held responsible for any prejudice caused by these kind of operations.


7.2 Links to other websites.

The website may contain, for advertising or promotional purposes, images, videos and links to external websites or other internet sources managed by a third party. (see below “external websites”). Ocean Bx Inc.  has no control over external websites and takes no responsibility for their content (namely links presented on external websites), and does not take responsibility for modifications or updates on external websites. Ocean Bx Inc.  is consequently not responsible for the publication on the internet of any data received from an external websites, even if the external websites are faulty or damaging the user’s information system. 

These links are suggested to the user by Ocean Bx Inc.  for ease of use. The insertion of a link does not necessarily mean that Ocean Bx Inc.  approves of the content of the external website. It does not imply any legal relation of any nature between Ocean Bx Inc.  and the managers of the external websites. The user’s connexion via the hyperlink to any other website is at the user’s own risk. It is up to the user to conform to the regulations applicable to these external websites, and to their respective general conditions of use

The mention of links, brands, names, services, domain names or other titles referring to private entities or persons, on the website do not in any case imply the existence of any kind of relation or legal operation between Ocean Bx Inc.  and these links, brands, names, services, domain names or other titles referring to private entities or persons.

Generally speaking, Ocean Bx Inc.  is in no way responsible for inserts, sidebars and hypertexts of promotional or advertising nature, potentially appearing on the website, nor of their content.



The use of all the features on the website may require the set up of « cookies ».

The « cookies » do not allow Ocean Bx Inc.  to identify the user. They only record information relative to the user’s navigation on the website. (pages viewed, date and time of the viewing etc…).

The user can deny the recording of « cookies » by configuring the browser accordingly. The user is prompted to consult the relevant instruction guide.

If the navigator is set up to refuse « cookies » whereas the full functioning website requires the full approval of « cookies », part of or the entire website may be modified or inaccessible. Ocean Bx Inc. cannot guarantee the smooth running of the website if the user has not activated the registration of « cookies ».




The internet network, being by nature a world wide network, all the content, data transmission on and around the website, accessible from everywhere in the world, as well as the terms of use, are subject to Philippines legislation.

As a result, any legal action relative to the interpretation or the fulfilling of the terms of use, and more generally any legal action linked to the access or the use of the website, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tagum City, Davao De Norte  Tribunal of which the head office of the company depends.


Ocean BX, Instructor and Assistants included are covered by DIVEASSIST.

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