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2 Days 7,000ph for swimmer
3 Days*  8,500ph for non swimmer


Students enrolled in the Freediving Lap 1 course learn fundamental skills essential for pool freediving. The curriculum emphasizes relaxation techniques to enhance performance and safety. Key topics covered during the two-day course include:

  1. Introduction to Freediving Breathing Techniques.

  2. Finning and No Fins Techniques for Efficient Movement.

  3. Dive Visualization Methods for Mental Preparation.

  4. Safety Protocols and Procedures.

Upon completing Lap 1, students have the option to advance to Wave 1 by undertaking the depth component. This upgrade provides participants with a more comprehensive understanding of freediving techniques and safety measures, preparing them for further exploration and advancement in the sport.


  • Swim 200m unassisted, non-stop

2 Pool sessions

  • 1 '30  Static

  • 30m DYNB

  • Intro DNF

  • Buddy system  & rescue process

Non swimmer will be 3 days +

  • Included 3 swimming lessons

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