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The Trinity Project

Being part of the OBX community entails a commitment to environmental advocacy and action. Through financial contributions and active participation in restoration projects with The Trinity Project, OBX members work towards a sustainable future for our planet's marine ecosystems.

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The Trinity Project The Trinity Project is permanently committed to rejuvenating natural aquatic and terrestrial environments. Starting with hectares of seagrass meadows, coral reefs, Mangrove Forests & terrestrial rainforess. The starting point in Philippines will be Anchoring life back at the Heart of Davao Gulf. The Trinity Project began as a 3-fold approach to rebuilding a coastal ecosystem along 4km of Tagum City’s coastline, Davao Del Norte. This consisted of planting 20 hectares of Mangrove forest, planting, growing approximately 80 hectares of Seagrass meadow and creating a fringing artificial coral reef environment that will cover an area of almost 30,000 sq. meters. From here we aim to bring back and maintain the extremely rich and unique Davao Gulf, including fish stocks and the majestic sea mammals, Ocean BX participates in the preservation of the oceans and the environment by supporting The Trinity Project association by donating 1% of its turnover.

Support The Trinity Project directly to:


  Chinabank acct #:1172-0000-3823

  Acct Name: Tuason Development Foundation,Inc.


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