Terms of Sale


Article 1. Workshops and organisation setup

Terms of Sale of Ocean BX Inc.
Article 1. Proposed courses and general organizational framework
Ocean Bluex Inc. offers courses to take place on a cruise ship chosen according to the theme of the cruise or from a hotel or dive center. Its point of attachment is according to the chosen destination.
When we are on a boat the anchorage areas are likely to evolve by joint decision of the Captain and the Course Director, depending on constraints such as weather conditions, the state of the sea, etc.
These internships are:

  • Immersion course with sperm whales and blue whales and initiation or internship apnea depth

  • Immersion course with dolphins and initiation or internship apnea depth,

  • Yoga workshop and wild elephant observation

  • Immersion course with humpback whales and apnea initiation

  • All level of Molchanovs from discovery to Instructor

The estimated schedule of the Internships for each year is available on the Ocean BX website, and is subject to change at any time as decided by Ocean BX Inc.
The projected program for each of these courses is available on the Ocean BX website; this program will be subject to change at any time depending on the decisions of Ocean BX Inc. In addition, the program of a given Internship may evolve before and / or during the latter, upon the decision of the Captain and / or the Internship Director, depending in particular on constraints such as weather conditions, the state of the sea etc. ; In addition, the Director of the Internship will set the day-to-day and real-time operation of activities and their practicalities.
The internship starts on the first day fixed by the director of training at 16:00 hours (note: GMT +), corresponding to the time of the beginning of the internship, until the last day around 17:00 local, corresponding to the end time forecast internship.
For the boats the embarkations and the landings will take place from the pontoon of the Port of embarkation. This port may be modified if circumstances require, trainees will be notified in due course.
The time of boarding is imperative and the trainee will not be able to claim any recourse or refund if he came, for any reason whatsoever, to present himself on the boarding pontoon with delay, and if the boat had already fitted . It is the trainee's responsibility to organize his / her trip and transportation at his own expense and under his sole responsibility so as to be present at the boarding time above, including taking any useful safety margin (day and time of departure). his arrival flight at destination, etc.).
It is specified that the time of returns, and therefore of landings, may vary according to external constraints such as weather conditions or the state of the sea; thus, the trainee will have to take a useful margin of safety in the organization of his trip as for his return (day and time of his return flight, etc.).

The freediving course dispend in a freedive center Ocean BX start at 8am and finished at 5pm
Graceful option:
In case of arrival and departure of the trainee by plane, Ocean BX Inc. can come pick him up at the airport of the port loading area and bring him back to the airport of the port landing area, subject to practical arrangements that will be then agreed between the trainee and Ocean BX Inc.This transportation will be provided by Ocean BX Inc. by car, provided that the trainee's arrival and return flights are within the following ranges:
• on arrival: landing on the day of the start of the internship;
• on return: the day of the end of the internship.
Article 2. Materials and equipment of trainees
It is up to the trainee to bring his personal belongings (clothes, shoes, toilets and leisure activities, etc. see in the "Cruise" tab the sub-menu "practical information") in sufficient quantity for the duration of the internship and provide appropriate clothing for life at sea during the relevant season of his internship.
In the same way, he will have to have his own: bath towels, bathing suits and snorkeling equipment (masks, snorkels, fins, etc.).
It is reminded that some courses take place entirely at sea, several hours of navigation of the coast, and that no return to land, except in exceptional circumstances or cases of force majeure, will take place.
In this respect the trainee will have to pay particular attention to ensure that he does not forget any personal element that he may need during the duration of the Training Course (and of course especially any hygiene product, medicines, etc.).
In addition, the trainee will have to bring a personal first aid kit, the contents of which will be indicated by his usual pharmacist; this kit should include care and medication used in case of travel in the geographical area of ​​the cruise destination.

Article 3. Clarification on the services of the Internship:
The boat on which the course will be held will be chosen by Ocean BX Inc. according to the number of participants.
The boats are of type
        1. be cruising. They include cabins for two people with two single bunk beds or a double bed. Some boats include a washroom by cabin; for others, the toilets must be shared between the cabins.
             2. Speed ​​boat; these boats are used for daily trips on Sri Lanka and Kingdom of Tonga trips

Cruise courses include the following services:
        • Round trip cruises from the port of embarkation to the place of the course;
        • provision of a bunk with sheets, blanket and towel, in a cabin for two to share, from boarding the boat to landing;   
      • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) served on board at fixed times: menus of the traditional Egyptian food type (vegetables, meat, fish etc.), mineral water and soda (attention: alcohol is not allowed on board);
        • Presence of flight attendants (vessel walk and kitchen, and the housekeeping boat) and two Ocean BX Inc. facilitators, including a member responsible for running the course.

Other internships
        • the schedule will be explained on the first day of the course and may vary depending on the sea and the possibility or not to meet cetaceans.
        • Departures for daily departures will be early morning around 7am and return between 1pm to 4pm.
      • three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) served at the hotel or on the beach: menus of the traditional food type (vegetables, meat, fish etc.), mineral water (attention: alcohol and sodas do not are not included);
The Director of the Internship will be likely every day and in real time to vary the activities; thus, the schedule of activities of the day can be adjusted in real time.
Trainees may choose to participate wholly or partly, or not, in the activities of the day as indicated by the Course Director.
If they do not wish, they can engage in their own recreational activities on the boat, or off the boat if they wish to go swimming.
However, in the latter case, they must inform the Course Director and / or the crew (for cruises) not to get away from the boat and to be under the supervision of the course director or an accompanying staff.
The boat is expected to remain at anchor for the duration of the Training Course or to move within the sea area considered, by joint decision of the Captain and the Course Director.
Article 4. Life during the internship
Trainees will be required at all times to comply with the following rules governing life on board and all Ocean BX Inc. activities:
         • respect for the sea, fauna and flora;
     • Respect for the other, ensuring a calm, quiet, courteous and sensitive behavior with other trainees, Ocean BX Inc. facilitators and staff,
          • In general, respect for the rules of use (behavior, hygiene and safety) applicable on board a ship and in community.
        • During the internship the presence of alcohol, narcotic and any object, product or liquid prohibited by the regulations of the country, is strictly prohibited.
For cruises It is recalled that the Captain has on board police power that he will be able to exercise, in accordance with the applicable national and international regulations.
In the same way, the trainee agrees to respect the indications that he can receive from the Course Director.

Article 5. Conditions for booking and validation by Ocean BX Inc. of the trainee's order
The courses are not open to children under 8 years or to people who can not, for medical reasons, live on a boat at sea and / or practice diving especially if they can not swim.
Ocean Bluex Inc. will be able to match the actual implementation of an internship or its maintenance to a certain number of orders, this number being in principle fixed at 4 participants minimum according to the destinations and can not exceed between 12 people according to the internships.
The order of a Stage by an interested person will become final provided that the following conditions are all met:
          • sending to Ocean Bluex Inc. the purchase order with these terms and conditions duly initialed and signed by the trainee scanned and sent in pdf to the email address jl@oceanbluex.com ;
          • transmission to Ocean BX Inc. of the medical certificate or an online health questionnaire on the Molchanovs website for trainees apnea, scanned and sent in pdf to; contact@oceanbluex.com
          • transmission to Ocean BX Inc. of the client file which must be duly completed and signed by the trainee scanned and sent in pdf to; contact@oceanbluex.com
          • transmission to Ocean BX Inc. of the proof of the health insurance policy, care, accident, death, assistance and repatriation that the trainee must have subscribed for the entire duration of the internship with a EUROPE ASSISTANCE * first-class organization scanned and sent in pdf to; jl@oceanbluex.com
          • transmission to Ocean BX Inc. of a civil liability insurance policy certificate scanned and sent in pdf to; jl@oceanbluex.com
          • Payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the total price of the Course, including VAT, by bank transfer to the bank account of               Ocean BX Inc.  or Transferwise whose details will be sent to you
          • To send Ocean BX Inc. a copy of his valid passport ** scanned and sent in pdf to jl@oceanbluex.com
In case of parent trainee accompanied by minor child (ren), these provisions will be adapted accordingly; in addition, the trainee's attention is then drawn to the regulations applicable to the minors' exit from the territory and their entry into the country of destination of the cruise, the latter being invited to approach for this purpose his travel agency , his airline and the consulate of the country of destination of the cruise in his country of residence.
After receipt of this deposit and receipt of all these documents and validation of their content, Ocean BX Inc. will return the trainee the copy of the order form with these terms and conditions duly initialed and signed by the authorized representative of Ocean Bluex Inc. , marking the formation of the contract between Ocean Bluex Inc. and the trainee, scanned and sent in pdf.

* It is imperative that this policy provides that in case of occurrence of any event (illness, accident, etc.) requiring medical, dental or surgical onshore treatment, or medical repatriation for that purpose in his country of residence, the The organization will pay not only the financial burden of this care but also the means of transport (boat, helicopter, etc.) which will then be necessary to find the trainee at the location of the training course, ie the situation of the boat ( see bring back in case of punctual care).
In this respect, it is underlined that in case of occurrence of events of this nature, the trainee will have to bear the financial burden, for all the costs that would be directly or indirectly related, with the aforementioned organization.
Ocean BX Inc. will be under no obligation to change the course of the course or return the boat ashore, including for a short round trip, in case of occurrence of such an event.
** It is reminded that the trainee will have to complete all the formalities allowing him to enter and circulate on the territory of the country of destination: obtaining a visa from the consular authorities of the country of destination and holding a valid passport for the period required by the applicable regulations.
Article 6. Price of internships and payment schedule
The fee schedule for the Internships is on the Ocean BX website and may change at any time depending on Ocean BX Inc. management decisions.
As stated above, a deposit of 30% of the total price of the training course must be paid to Ocean BX Inc. when ordering.
The balance must be paid and reach Ocean Bluex Inc. no later than the beginning of the 30-day period preceding the start date of the Training Course.
Companies and communities:
For businesses and communities, special conditions and options can be studied; they are invited to approach Ocean BX Inc. for this purpose.
Article 7. Cancellation conditions
In case of cancellation by the trainee for any reason whatsoever:
        • 30 days or less of departure, payment of 100% of the service
        • From 31 to 36 days of departure, payment of 75% of the service
        • From 37 to 51 days of departure, payment of 50% of the service
        • From 52 to 66 days of departure, payment of 25% of the service
        • From 67 to 112 days of departure, payment of 10% of the service
In case of cancellation by Ocean BX Inc.:
        • if this cancellation results solely from the decision of Ocean BX Inc. and for reasons that are specific to it, it will return to the trainee the full amount of the total price inclusive of the Internship which will have been paid to him without the trainee being entitled to any damages and interest in this respect;
        • If this cancellation is motivated by a case of force majeure (risk in terms of trainees' safety, war or riots, climatic event, etc.), or for other reasons outside the latter, then Ocean Bluex Inc. Inc will return to the trainee. The full price of the training course, which will have been paid to it, less a sum of 10% of the price that Ocean Bluex Inc. will retain in exchange for the costs it will have incurred, without the trainee being entitled to claim any damages or interest. this title.

Article 8. Bank details of Ocean BX Inc.
The bank details will be sent to you after receipt of your internship request through the form to fill in the tab "Contact" link with the tab
Article 9. Miscellaneous
       • Vaccination: the trainee is advised to consult his / her usual doctor and to be vaccinated according to what will be advised for a stay in the country of destination and at sea. This provision is particularly important for the children who would participate in the Stage.
       • The trainees are invited to bring their own computer and communication means, it being specified that the boats and other places do not include a computer or internet (wifi) or satellite telephone that can be used by passengers.
    • Trainees agree not to broadcast to the public (Internet or otherwise) images of other participants in the course, flight attendants and Ocean Bluex Inc. facilitators. In addition, they undertake not to make any commercial use of the photos and / or videos they may have taken during the Internship without the prior written consent of Ocean BX Inc., and, in this case, in conditions which will then be agreed on a case by case basis.
       • It is recalled that the presence of marine wildlife is inherently random and Ocean Bluex Inc. can not guarantee a number or duration of dive in the presence of cetaceans, even if the Ocean BX Inc. facilitators will make their best efforts reasonable for this purpose.
       • The participants will not be able to practice the sea fishing, the practice of the underwater fishing is prohibited during the Stage, as well as the diving with bottles and other water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.
Article 10. Legal provisions
• The contract consists of the order form, these general conditions of sale, the health questionnaire, the customer card and the required insurance policies.
• The duration of the contract extends from the date of training until the end of the training period.
• The trainee's non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract and / or any misrepresentation contained in the medical questionnaire or in the client file will automatically and without recourse to the Judge, upon written notification of Ocean BX Inc. to the trainee, including included by e-mail, the termination with immediate effect of the contract and the immediate interruption of the Trip if it started, without prejudice to the damages which could, if necessary, be claimed by Ocean BX Inc.
• The liability of Ocean BX Inc. is, in all cases where it would be recognized by a final decision and not subject to appeal, limited per trainee to the total price inclusive of his Stage, indirect damages are not in all cases not covered.
• Ocean BX Inc. has an insurance policy for its activities with DAN Insurance Company
• Ocean BX Inc. is a member of the Molchanovs organization
• The trainee acknowledges that Ocean BX Inc. is in no way a travel agency but only offers courses on a boat or a place, the client being solely responsible for the organization of his stay and his transportation.
• The mark Ocean Bluex Inc. is trademark registered and protected by the regulations, the contract granting no right of reproduction or use of it to the trainee.
• The trainee is required to disclose data concerning him such as his name, surname, telephone number and / or email address, etc. - (hereinafter the "Personal Data"). The trainee has a right of access, rectification and deletion of Personal Data concerning him. The commercial trainee, by the current manager of treatment or that of further processing. Trainee may exercise the above rights by contacting Ocean Bluex Inc. by mail at jl@oceanbluex.com
• These general conditions of sale and more generally the contract are subject to Philippine law. The courts of Tagum City Davao De Norte 
will have territorial jurisdiction in case of litigation of any kind born of the contract between the customer and Ocean Bluex Inc., and this after a phase of 30 days of attempt between the parties of amicable settlement of the litigation remained unsuccessful.