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  • you can use your own freediving equipment

  • Normal equipment (not obligated)

    • dry bag

    • sun glasses, sun hat, UV shirts

    • Watch

    • dry towel

  • Your apparel

    • Swim wear

    • Sun protection



Please before to start your freediving course, could you fill out the forms on your dashboard (for the Molchanovs student) for the Discovery, Coaching or Autonomous we will send by messenger or email. The Liability Release, the Medical Questionnaire.

Please preserve the environment don't print. Uuse directly acrobat reader to fill out the documents you need to sign with your e-signature each document.



You are in the Philippines the weather can change fast is mostly hot and humid and rain can be expected.

The water is warm (27-31C) but can sometimes drop to 25 degrees, so you can dive in a rash guard or sharkskin or use our wetsuit depending on your temperature sensitivity.

If you tend to get seasick you might consider motion sickness tablets.

If you need help with any equipment, please contact us so we can help evaluate your equipment of give advice on alternatives.



It is important to note that the Discovery is subject to change due to sea and weather. If we need to cancel it, we will propose two solutions 1st to propose you another schedule 2nd to refund your money.


We take care of your comfort, we wish to help you by orienting you in the choice of your equipment and in the preparation of your trip.

Travel Immersion with Dolphins or Sperm Whales​

Your individual equipment for immersion with dolphins or sperm whales

Fins, mask, snorkel and combination must be of quality for your comfort during your week of meeting:
Buy your equipment in a professional store, to make sure you have a great experience.
Choose flexible fins for long distances on the surface and better performance in the water. Do not forget that they must be at your waist (also take neoprene socks to protect you from friction of the fins on the skin). An apnea mask adjusted to the size of your face for your comfort, there are transparent silicone. An internal valve tuba to facilitate water drainage.
A lead belt preferably Marseille style if you are used to practicing the diving confirm us your usual ballast we provide you the weights.
Depending on the season and season it is recommended to have a swim suit when it is very hot we recommend a long sleeve t-shirt and long bermuda as we spend a lot of time in the water.

In your suitcase
Swimsuits, shorts, T-shirts, lightweight microfibre towels, hats or caps to protect you from the sun, socks, windproof jacket and evening sweater.
Highly protected organic solar milk: can be used in water without creating environmental pollution (coral reef, fish or shellfish), lip balm. Sunglasses, toiletries, tongues, light blanket or sleeping bag if you want to sleep under the stars on the deck depending on the cruises. Journal to take notes if you are following courses with MOLCHANOVS freediving certification.

Travel Yoga & Elephant Observations​

Your individual material for the yoga and elephant observation course
Plan a change business for your yoga workouts. We put at your disposal all material yoga mats, bricks, straps.
Ayurvedic massage sessions will be offered, you will be able to register at the beginning of the week.


In your suitcase
What you need at minimal shorts, t-shirts, microfibre towel, cap or hat to protect you from the sun, socks, jacket, biological solar milk high protection, sunglasses, toiletries, tongues, book reading .
If you are a coffee lover, we advise you to bring your ground coffee.

General informations

Visa :

- Sri Lanka

- Egypte

You will apply in the airport when you will arrive.

You can not take with you
Illegal drugs of any kind
Alcoholic beverages in Egypt

For your stay
Your plane ticket is at your expense but we guarantee your transfer from the airport to the boat. Check the validity of your passport.
Your accommodation on your arrival will take possession of your cabins or your room.
The boat is composed of cabins with single berths or double bed depending on the configuration of the boat. For the ecolodge single rooms are available for couples or double rooms with single beds. For the journey cachalots individual rooms on the edge of the beach or in high-end resort.
You are accommodated in full board: the menus are elaborated to bring you all the energy you need daily.


Fill out your individual form:
To evaluate :
- your equipment to complete it if necessary
- your level of competence (beginner, confirmed, expert)

Medical Questionnaire:
- Attest your physical abilities to allow us to adapt our accompaniment to your goals.

By choosing us, you will be systematically protected by our professional liability insurance contract of apnea center during apnea courses. However, you are advised to take repatriation assistance and cancellation insurance.

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