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1 MONTH - On demand

The Ocean Bluex Master Training Freediver Program is the culmination of your training program, allowing you to meet your performance and competition goals or preparing you to become a professional Instructor. Each dive session is with an instructor at your buoy so that you can constantly refine your technique. You just have to relax and enjoy your dives. 
You will spend one month training here with at our Molchanovs Instructor Training centre in Tagum, Philippines. All our instructors are deep divers who are passionate about freediving and always eager to share their experiences with you. Each dive session is with an instructor providing safety and experienced coaching, making Ocean Bluex master training program the best of its kind.

The Master training program combined with Molchanovs Base training will progressively lead you to being autonomous in planning your training and Freediving practice while reinforcing Freediving safety techniques. We will tailor the program designed by our Molchanovs Instructor W3I Jean-Luc to accomplish your objectives throughout the month.
The program includes not only Open Water sessions but also daily Static or Dynamic training as well as dry equalization, stretching and adaptation workouts.


1 whole month - 7am to 1pm or 2pm


  • Gear hire

  • Daily stretching sessions

  • Free use of our private beach, terrace over the sea and Stand Up Paddleboards


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent) 


Get a great deal after your course if you want to stay training with us or go and discover the marine reserves around the nearby islands.

  • 1Autonomous session: 16$US

  • 1 training session with a coach: 34$US

  • Marine sanctuary trip: On demand

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