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Notre programme Discovery est le moyen idéal pour vous aider à développer votre confiance et votre estime de soi dans l'eau. Vous apprendrez les bases de l'apnée dans un environnement sûr tout en développant vos compétences en apnée.

fun dive, molchanovs, wave 1, wave 2, wa

DISCOVERY notre  expérience exclusive de découverte de l'apnée !
1 Jour - 50€

Our Discovery Experience is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of freediving. You will learn the essential techniques required to explore the underwater world with confidence and grace.

You will learn how to relax your body and mind, breathe efficiently, and get an introduction to breath-holding and finning. Understand the equalization Valsalva or Frenzel and finally dive in tranquility into the blue.

2. Freediving fosters a profound sense of inner calm and mindfulness, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

3.Learning freediving skills improves breathing, lung function, confidence, water safety, and body awareness, contributing to overall health.

4. Our program helps students overcome natural limitations to showcase the power of the mind and body.

5. Comprehensive Education for swimmers and non-swimmers


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent)

Theory: 1.5h

  • Equipment

  • Physic

  • Body's physiology

  • Breathing techniques & Relaxation

  • Equalization Valsalva or Frenzel

  • Surface rescue

  • Intro proper duck dive

Pool session : 1.5h

  • Finning technique

  • Use mask & snorkel

  • Dynamic bi-fins

  • Static 1'30 max

  • Surface rescue procedure

Open water: 1.5h

  • Line training

  • Equalization practice Valsalva or Frenzel

  • Dive in FIM (Free Immersion)

  • Dive in CWTB (constant weight bi-fins)

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