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Go Deep! The  Master Freediving course takes the 4 core elements of freediving and refines them to suit your personal style: conserve oxygen, equalize at depth, become more flexible and refine your safety skills and autonomy. All freedivers are individual, and as we learn new skills we have very different journeys, so we tailor the program to your needs. The Wave 3 Course will challenge everybody differently.

We have mastered how to teach FRC freediving and Mouthfill EQ to each individual, the key to deep freediving success. It’s easier than you think and more than you can imagine!

During your Wave 3 course you will experience 1 dry practical session, 2 pool sessions and 5 open water freediving sessions at depths of 34 to 40 meters.

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Wave 2 certified


5 Full days - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

  • Day 1 morning: Theory review / Open water session 

  • Day 1 afternoon: Mouthfill Air control workshop 

  • Day 2 morning: Dive equipment set-up / Open water session  

  • Day 2 afternoon: Breathing gymnastics / Dynamic pool session 

  • Day 3 morning: De-concentration practice / Open water session 

  • Day 3 afternoon: Static & coaching pool session


  • Day 4 morning: Diaphragm stretching / Open water session

  • Day 4 afternoon: Dive skills video review 

  • Day 5 morning: Pre dive warm up / Open water session 

  • Day 5 afternoon: Course review & completion 

ocean bluex, training, freediving, molchanovs


  • Gear

  • Free use the beach

  • Molchanovs Movement membership and lifetime access to Base training

  • Internationally recognized E-certification upon successful completion

  • All online materials included

ocean bluex, training, freediving, molchanovs


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent). 

  • Be Wave 2 certified 

  • Or have passed Wave 2 crossover evaluation (available on request)

  • Have a First Aid certification no older than 2 year 


Get a great deal after your course if you want to stay training with us or go and discover the marine reserves around the nearby islands.

  • 1Autonomous session: 13$US

  • 1 training session with a coach: 25$US

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