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At Ocean BX we bring you the best freediving training programs with the latest techniques updated by Alexey Molchanov. Each session includes an instructor to take care of you, your safety and supervise you. Whether you are a beginner or already an expert deep freediver, we are recognized as a depth training facility. We also put 20m swimming pool at your disposal and we offer dry training. All equipment is included in all of our courses and training sessions (except for the autonomous).


  • With over 600m depth 10' by boat away from the shop, Ocean BX is the perfect place in Asia to work on your depth and benefit from the experience of our instructors and long term training students.

  • You get illimited access to depth on each session and free Oxygen for dives deeper than 70m

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  • Do you need to increase your flexibility to be more comfortable under the water. Definitely join the yoga session it will help you to accept more pressure under water, it will offering you a perfect addition to your freediving training.

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Sport Area

  • Go for a run in the 60 hectare forest of HIJO Resort, follow the path, embark on a kayak for an exploration or another SUP solution to engage in golf. A different sport practice to increase your endurance, a different approach for your freediving training

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