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Here is our new dedicated pool for freedivers, swimmers and triathletes, every day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

We have :

≈ A long pool 25m long by 3.5m and 1.6m deep ,

≈ A dedication pool for the static 3m by 5m and 0.9m deep

≈ A dedicated mini pit for learning duck dive and equalization.

≈ A new sanitary space with separate toilets and showers for women and men as well.

You can contact us to reserve your time slot.

For freedivers you must have a minimum Lap 1 certification (Molchanovs) or other federations and have a buddy or reserve your safety.

For swimmers and triahtletes you must be affiliated with a benchmark sports federation.

We also offer swimming lessons.


  • Open from 7am to 8pm every day 


  • Session   5$US

  • Monthly   50$US

  • Coaching freedive pool 20$US

  • Coaching freedive pool 5 sessions 92$US

swimming pool,Philippines,FREEDIVE HQ,FD
swimming pool,Philippines,FREEDIVE HQ,FD

Swimming Lesson 

Come learn to swim. In the Philippines we are lucky to have multiple challenges of swimming at sea a real challenge and what a pleasure to participate in these sporting events. Do not hesitate for a single moment join us. We offer a course made up of several stages to discover at your own pace to introduce you to swimming.


  • On demand


  • swimming lesson 1H30 10$US

  • swimming lesson 8 sessions 70$US

swimming lesson, swimming pool,Philippin
Schedule your training today!
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