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The EQ Trainer you know and love is now back and better than ever. Whether you need to work on Frenzel basics or want to improve your mouthfill and reverse packing skills, you can train equalization anywhere with the EQ Trainer 2.
Use with one hand
Place the notch on the EQ Trainer between your fingers while pinching your nostril with your thumb.
Use your free hand to check that your stomach muscles are relaxed.
Adjustable airflow
Train even more efficiently by monitoring intensity and measuring progress with adjustable airflow.
Comes with instructions
Scan a QR code and get access to all the exercises you need with step-by-step video instructions.
Train anywhere
Small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used anywhere - even on your lunch break.


EQ Trainer Molchanovs

1 650,00₱Prix
TVA Incluse
  • Care Instructions

    Before first use, rinse both parts of the EQ Trainer 2 with soapy water and spray disinfectant spray. Wait for the product to fully dry before assembling. Any new balloons should be rinsed and air-dried before using them for the first time.

    It is recommended to clean the EQ Trainer 2 after each use. First, disassemble the unit, then rinse with soapy water and spray disinfectant spray. Wait for the unit to dry fully before reassembling.

    To make loosening and tightening a smoother process, you can lubricate the threading with any kind of silicone.

    Do not throw or drop on hard surfaces.

    Do not use in temperatures colder than -40°C (-40°F) or hotter than 50°C (122°F)

    Do not expose to extreme heat for extended periods of time.

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