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At Ocean BX, we are passionate about freediving and we strive to provide the best possible experience for all our students. We are proud to be a Molchanovs Freediving Center, offering a wide range of courses from the entry level JUNIOR to the advanced Wave 3. For those who would like more personalized attention, we also offer VIP courses for one-on-one private tuition. Our experienced instructors will guide you safely and gently into the depths of the ocean, helping you to unlock the amazing and beautiful world of freediving.


Junior Freediving is designed for kids aged 12 and up. It is a fun and safe way to introduce young people to the world of freediving. Through the process of learning to dive, kids will gain practical skills in the technical aspects of diving, while also developing their confidence in the water. The physical and mental benefits of freediving are also great for kids; they can increase their ability to concentrate, interest in healthy lifestyles, and creativity.

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WAVE 1 – 2.5 DAYS - 230$US

The Wave 1 course at our Freediving Center is designed for beginners. In just 2.5 days, you'll learn how to hold your breath for 1'30 min and descend between 12 and 20 m on a single breath. Our experienced instructors will share their expertise to help you with proper equalizing, increase flexibility for deeper dives, and ensure safety for you and your buddy. The basic elements of freediving will be developed here and you'll be well on your way to becoming a competent freediver.

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WAVE 2 - 3.5 DAYS - 310$US

Discover a whole new world of sensations in the depths of the ocean with our W2 Freediving course! Our advanced level course is designed to develop your equalization skills and help you reach greater depths with grace and ease. Our experienced instructors will teach you the Frenzel technique and combine it with static training and mindfulness for the best possible results. With this course, you can reach depths of 24-30 meters and enjoy an unforgettable free fall experience.

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WAVE 3 - 5 DAYS - 475$US

Discover the W3, the ultimate freediving course to take you to depths of up to 40 metres! Master the four core elements to refine your technique and conserve oxygen, equalize at depth, become more flexible and enhance your safety skills for greater autonomy. Our experienced instructors tailor the program to each individual's journey, providing a challenge to suit everybody differently. We teach FRC Mouthfill to each individual, which is the key to deep success. Go deep and explore the depths of the ocean.

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Ocean BX offers the perfect opportunity to explore the world of freediving, whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced diver looking to take your skills to the next level. Our diverse packages can be customized to fit any budget, timeframe and goal, so you can rest assured that we have the perfect package for you.


- 6 DAYS - 486$US

The COMBO W1 W2 course is the perfect choice to get started in freediving. It will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills for freediving, as well as the opportunity to progress to the WAVE 2 advanced freediver course straight away. During this 6 day intensive program, you will learn the fundamentals of freediving, including breathing techniques, stretching, and Frenzel equalization. You will also be able to dive up to 30m and experience the exhilaration of freefall.

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- 1 MONTH - 914$US​

The 1 month program is the perfect way for a beginner to become a master of freediving. You will focused on safety, we will introduce and practice all disciplines of freediving: Static, Dynamic, Dynamic No Fins, Free Immersion, Constant Weight No Fins and Constant Weight Bi Fins. Participants will learn: breath control, stretching techniques, and reach depths of up to 40m. You will learn the equalization techniques: Frenzel, Mouthfill, Deep Frenzel and the best part of a dive the freefall! 


– 1 MONTH - On demand

The Master Training Freediver Program from the Freediving Center is the perfect way to take your freediving skills to the next level. With tailored on-demand sessions, a certified instructor will be at your side to guide you through every step of your journey. Learn the techniques and strategies necessary to effectively control your breath and body underwater, all from the safety of the buoy. With the Master Training Freediver Program, you can reach your performance and competition goals, or even become a professional Instructor. Take the plunge and experience the freedom that comes with freediving today

Our Master program is the perfect way to deepen your freediving skills. With one month of training here, you will be guided by a passionate and experienced deep diver instructor who is eager to share his knowledge and experience. This program, combined with Molchanovs Base Training, will progressively lead you to become autonomous in planning your training and practice, reinforcing safety techniques. Our instructor will tailor the program to you and design it to help you accomplish your objectives.

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ocean bluex, freediving, freediver, molchanovs,tagum,wave 3
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Our coaching program offers you unlimited access to depths of up to 70m, with no extra cost. Our experienced instructors will provide you with individualized training, along with no more than 4 students per instructor, ensuring that you get the most out of your session. All equipment is included, so you can just relax and enjoy your dives. Plus, deeper dives (>70m) are oxygen-free. Join us today and improve your Freediving skills.

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Come and join our training sessions with unlimited access to depth on daily basis and with no extra cost. We will check your ability to dive and use the buddy system and settle the buoy, you will dive with the same freediving level than you. You will be 4 students maximum per buoy.

All equipment is included.

O2 free for deep dives (>70m)

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