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Immersion with

Sperm Whales


Take care of your body if you want your soul to stay in!

With Ocean Bluex reconnect with your origins.


Meet the Sperm Whales

Destination : Sri Lanka / Price :  2,255$* / Schedule : 11 days (10 nights)
Next schedules : April 2022
Experience Level : all level

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Join us and meet this extraordinary marine mammal, it often dives in the 2000m with times around 90', the man is at -129m for a dive time of 4'.

This gregarious animal moves in "Pod" of about forty individuals. They frequent all the oceans and a great majority of the seas of the world. His clicking vocalizations are used for the purpose of communicating, identifying and locating themselves among themselves.

As a great Mammalian Dive Reflex specialist, to cope with the enormous pressure differences during his dives, he adapts himself by slowing down his heart and putting the bloodshift in place to prevent his rib cage from crashing. Between dives, the sperm whale surfaced to breathe for about ten minutes before diving again.

His intelligence and cerebral capacities make it an exceptional animal. It manages its buoyancy by bringing cold water back to the front of its head, the spermaceti solidifies and crystallizes. The increase in density generates a downward force and allows the sperm whale to dive with less effort.

During the hunt, the oxygen consumption produces heat which melts the spermaceti, this increases the buoyancy and allows the sperm whale to return to the surface more easily.The search for food occupies a large part of the time of the sperm whale.

It plays a major role in the marine environment, regulating the populations of octopus and large squid. It has a great influence on regulation on the environment. The plankton that goes back from the depths is a big consumer of CO2.

ocean bluex,BluexperienceFreediving,swim
ocean bluex,BluexperienceFreediving,swim

We propose to meet them in Sri Lanka, we leave in the morning sometimes very early to return in the late morning. We alternate sperm whales day trip with freediving training.

We also propose yoga session on the beach with relaxation techniques, breathing and asanas specific for the easing of the rib cage.

You will also have the experience of spending 24 hours in the jungle in an ecolodge, where you'll see wild elephants. 

During a rest day, we propose you to visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla.

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