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Immersion with Dolphins


Take care of your body if you want your soul to stay in!

With Ocean Bluex reconnect with your origins.


Meet the Dolphins

Destination : HURGHADA RED SEA / Price :  1,255$* / Schedule : 7 days (6 nights)
October 22rd to 28th 2022
October 29th to November 5th 2022
Experience Level : all level

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The dolphins are known for their exceptional intellectual abilities. They have a sense of themself. They use their sonar to hunt but also to capture the magnetic field of any living being.

Dolphins have amazing cognitive abilities and are often compared to some non-human primates like great apes. They master vocal and motor imitation, conceptual processes, mental representation and observational learning, among others.

We are going to meet Tursiops aduncus depending on the time of day they often seek interaction, however we respect certain ethical rules so as not to disturb them (such as respecting distances, not touching them and others). These rules allow for better interaction and extraordinary moments with them. Dolphins are curious creatures, they like to approach and play with us.

After the night hunt, the dolphins start their morning resting in lagoons with clear waters, protected from wind and waves. These are also their spaces for their many moments of play. In these unique dive sites, we help make your immersion moments easier with them. By offering you multiple opportunities to understand their social behaviors, such as : education of mothers with their young people, games, hunting, their love shows and periods of sleep. The social life of dolphins is remarkably organized. Mothers with their children gather in a common nursery. Soon, the delphinium receives a proper name, its "whistled signature" that will distinguish it from all the other dolphins and allow the outside tribes to know his identity and his clan. The most developed sense in dolphins is hearing : they produce clicks and listen to their echoes to locate and identify the elements of their environment. 

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India recognizes the dolphin as a "non-human person" and has specific rights : "All cetaceans, as individuals, have the right to life, liberty and well-being." 


"One recognizes the greatness and value of a nation in the way it treats its animals" Mahatma Gandhi.

Living with dolphins meets the desire to meet oneself, savoring the moment. Their joyous and peaceful presence surprised us each time differently, which made each meeting a unique moment. 

*without flight ticket 

Ocean Bluex Hurghada

Ocean Bluex Hurghada

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