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Take care of your body if you want your soul to stay in!

With Ocean Bluex reconnect with your origins.


Meet the Cetaceans

Ocean BX is not only an international freediving center but also travels through to meet marine mammals such as dolphins in Egypt, blue whales and sperm whales in Sri Lanka.
There are strong genetic similarities between humans and mammals with particularly developed brains. These similarities could explain why cetaceans, mammals such as humans, great apes and cetaceans have complex cognitive processes.
In these unique dive areas, we help make your immersion moments easier with them. We offer you multiple opportunities to understand their social behaviors, such as: education of mothers with their young people, games, hunting, parades and periods of sleep and their way of communicating.
We wish to see you fully experience this unique experience by ensuring a caring and secure environment.

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Since the planet existed, the blue whale is the largest known animal? The blue whale is an extraordinary marine mammal that measures between 25 and 30 m. It still exists today despite the pollution of our oceans.
Come and meet the blue whale, it dives to a depth of 200m with times around 15' of apnea. (The man snorkels at 129m for a time of around 4'.)
The life expectancy of the blue whale is 80 years...

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The dolphins are known for their exceptional intellectual abilities. They have a sense of themself. They use their sonar to hunt but also to capture the magnetic field of any living being. Dolphins have amazing cognitive abilities and are often compared to some non-human primates like great apes. They master vocal and motor imitation, conceptual processes, mental representation and observational learning, among others...

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Join us and meet this extraordinary marine mammal, it often dives in the 2000m with times around 90', the man is at -129m for a dive time of 4'.

This gregarious animal moves in "Pod" of about forty individuals. They frequent all the oceans and a great majority of the seas of the world. His clicking vocalizations are used for the purpose of communicating, identifying and locating themselves among themselves...

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