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Immersion with

Blue Whales


Take care of your body if you want your soul to stay in!

With Ocean Bluex reconnect with your origins.


Meet the Blue Whales

Destination : Sri Lanka / Price :  2,255$* / Schedule : 11 days (10 nights)
Next schedules : April 2023
Experience Level : all level

ocean bx, swimming with blue whale

Since the planet existed, the blue whale is the largest known animal? The blue whale is an extraordinary marine mammal that measures between 25 and 30 m. It still exists today despite the pollution of our oceans.
Come and meet the blue whale, it dives to a depth of 200m with times around 15' of apnea. (The man snorkels at 129m for a time of around 4'.)
The life expectancy of the blue whale is 80 years. It moves between 5 and 50 km/h. The blue whale generally lives alone. She does not form large structured groups. It feeds mainly on krill, approximately 3.6T/day. 
The sounds emitted by the blue whale oscillate between 15 Hz to 25 Hz. Humans perceive sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz.

Communications between blue whales in Sri Lanka have been recorded as repetitive four-note songs lasting about two minutes each, reminiscent of humpback whales.
The songs between the blue whales would be used to maintain an inter-individual distance, to identify themselves, to transmit information on the location of food points (krill) and also to give the alert in case of danger.
This dialogue would also serve to organize social life between males and females. It is the females who punctuate the collective movements and arouse the songs of the males. 
Sounds in the surging oceans drown out sounds made by whales. Communication being made more and more difficult, this would explain the change in the frequency of their sound over the past few decades.

ocean bx, swimming with blue whale
ocean bx, swimming with blue whale

Due to its size, power and speed, the blue whale does not really have a natural predator.
However, there is increasing mortality linked to collisions with ships or traps in fishing nets.

We propose to meet them in Sri Lanka, we leave in the morning sometimes very early to return in the afternoon. We alternate blue whales day trip with freediving training.

We also propose yoga session on the beach with relaxation techniques, breathing and asanas specific for the easing of the rib cage.

You will also have the experience of spending 24 hours in the jungle in an ecolodge, where you'll see wild elephants. 

During a rest day, we propose you to visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla.

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